SAPS Facility LLP takes pride in catering needs of people and organisations seeking general insurance policies. We always encourage our clients to compare and then choose desired General Insurance Products that suit their needs. We firmly believe in dedicated workforce which leads in customer loyalty and nurturing relationships with the premier Insurance companies of India to create a robust network.

We offer the best consulting in General Insurance and also has an in-house control of various web technologies supported by a full day operational customer service cell in Mumbai. With stringent operational processes and state of art infrastructure, we manage corporates and individual clients alike.

Our task is to help you identify the risks that a person or a business may be exposed to. Once this is done, we advise on what risks should be insured against and then we meticulously browse the insurance market protection to meet ones needs at a competitive price. We then arrange the Insurance policy, documentation and also help with requisite information, especially if you have a claim to settle; we will update you on the same and let you know when your policies are due for amendment or renewal.

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