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Somewhere deep in the heart, we believe that satisfied customer is center of every successful business and everyone at “SAPS Facility LLP” is committed to achieve at most customer satisfaction with innovative and reliable business solutions aligned with well-defined quality standards.

SAPS Facility LLP oversees the manning of an ATM by having a trained and uniformed site facilitator posted at ATM outside the enclosure 24x7x365. The site facilitator is capable of handling customer queues, helping them with basic instructions on ATM usage along, guarding the ATM, it’s accessories and the infrastructure from unwanted incidents.


To enable our customers to respond faster and more intuitively to changing market dynamics, by delivering seamless solutions that add exponential value to their business such that they take pride in ownership of our products / services, ensuring “SAPS Facility LLP” becomes their ‘Natural Choice’ for repeat business.


We endeavor to delight customers through quality, performance and innovation, employing best-of-breed practices and technical wisdom to not only deliver “best-fit customized solutions and support” but also a complete collaborative business experience.


Our business values and shared standards are built around creating an environment of teamwork, fairness, security, integrity, dignity and respect, influencing the business environment we operate in. It is our firm belief that these objectives can only be achieved through mutual respect and cooperation.

Who we are

WE are new age Facility company with a vision of being largest provider of Facility services in India. We offers distinctive Facility Solutions to meet the high end facility needs of its clients. Our operations are centered on the concept of ‘Experience Facilitated’. We also have very competant network of agents enabling us to provide our clients with vast array of properties catering their needs as per budget and expections.

We reduces time & cost of the client by providing innovative and cost effective solution as per the budget of the client. This is achieved because of our team which comprises of creative young members and experience members. With blend of experience and creativity we achieve the goal of client.

Currently we are facilitating Leading Indian PSU banks, private and multinational banks – ATMs, co-operative societies, E-Surveillance Sector. And we will be highly obliged to serve Corporate Offces, BFSI Sector, Ware Houses and other such sectors. We are provide vast customized insurance sector products catering needs of commercial as well as individual clients.

Our team

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Why choose us

  • OpenWorks offers excellent customer service. They are meticulous about their work and take great pride in it. If there are ever any issues, they address them immediately and find solutions to keep them from happening again.
    - Management Team, HDFC Bank
  • I really like how they stay in touch with their customers. Their communication is terrific. OpenWorks’ employees are all so helpful and again the communication is wonderful. The staff always checks in with me, letting me know when they go to lunch or leave the building. The day porters are great and help out more than our previous provider did.
    - Noor Mohammad, Securance
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